April 4th-9th Milan Design Week Fuori Salone. Contemporary art meets charity

From 4th to 9th April 2017, during the prestigious Milan for Design Week, ArtdesignBox in partnership with Caritas Ambrosiana and Irinox SpA, Refettorio Ambrosiano chooses to celebrate with the work of the roman artist Aldo Palma their place of charity dedicated to art and industrial design. Refettorio was born from the concept of Chef Massimo Bottura and Artistic Director Davide Rampello during 2015 Milan Expo as a place where solidarity really meets design and contemporary art, a temple dedicated to beauty but where are served by Caritas volunteers over 100 meals a day, to people in need.

This project came from the idea of ​​Sergio Battimiello artdesignbox and the sharing of Caritas Ambrosiana to bring the works by the artist Aldo Palma to the attention of the public of the Milan Design Week and and “Fuori Salone”.

The artist Aldo Palma has developed in his long career his own peculiar technique also thanks to his passion for the study of the forms that comes from the knowledge of mathematics and geometry: a strange alchemy that along with its sensitivity produces a mixture that excites in his  “hearts” (sculptures and paintings), and when he devoted himself to works inspired by classic but reinterpreted in the energy and the strength of contemporaneity.

One “sacred”  work of particular importance will be on display during the week and we believe will be an important contribution to the Milanese artist’s art scene as well as a coherent contribution to the site that will host it. Take a look of Aldo Palma web site.

Major sponsors of the event will be IRINOX spa, the company founded in 1989 and based in Treviso, which boasts 100% Italian technology and production, and is recognized internationally as a specialist of blast chillers, both for the professional sector, both in the important home market it will be an interesting curiosity for all lovers of good food without waste (in line with the values ​​of the Refectory) during the Design Week.  More details of the events, in future articles.

Donations will be possible to support the operation and what is necessary to Refettorio Ambrosiano to the current account IT 17 Y 05216 01631 000000000578;  to donate to Caritas Ambrosiana please refer as causal to “The great heart of Aldo for the Refectory Ambrosiano

You can see and buy the works of the master Aldo Palma at the Refectory Ambrosiano during Design Week 4 to 9 April 2017, a percentage of the sale will be donated to the cover of the exhibition and to support the efforts of Caritas in the Refectory Ambrosiano.


Day:  t.b.d

Refettorio Ambrosiano Piazza Greco, 11  20125 Milano

Ask for more information  ( organization, works artist price, donation etc.)

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