Milan Design Week Fuori Salone 2017 with art, design and food

From April 4 to 9, during Milan Design Week, the Refettorio Ambrosiano become one of the Fuorisalone places with a 7mt Last Supper tribute. ArtDesignBox in partnership with Caritas Ambrosiana chose the Refettorio as a perfect location to exhibit STX LAST SUPPER by artist Aldo Palma a tribute to Leonardo’s Last Supper re-interpreted in his extraordinary contemporary art, which will become the highlight of the exhibition charity sale of his “hearts series” and the focus of the exhibition. Sponsors of the initiative is IRINOX spa, Italian leading company in blast chillers which has donated an important instrument of its professional line to the Refettorio and will exhibit its products for the home, named in the XXI edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro. Art Direction by Sergio Battimiello ArtDesignBox. Sergio Battimiello ArtDesignBox design the event and promote to the partners. ArtDesignBox is a brand for international events, focused in  art and design, with headquarters in Shanghai, and a partnership with prestigious ECNU – GADA (East China Normal University – Global Art and Design Academy).

From 4 to 7 April from 10.00-17.00 extraordinary opening to the public and guided tour of the permanent collection (the Metaphysical Bread by Benvenuto, the affresco by Cucchi, the neon installation by Nannucci, the door of the reception by Paladino,  the “Acquasantiera” by Pesce).

Saturday, April 8, open from 12.00 and from 19.00, aperitif with famous chef Mikychef Micaela Di Cola and the master gelato maker Luca Fioravanti of Raki Gelato Lovers from Sorrento and pluri awarded biological oil IDRA by FATTORIA AMBROSIO
To reach the Refettorio Ambrosiano in Greco square 11, Milan: Buses 87, 43, 41 MM1 Turro BikeMi: De Marchi-Lucini – De Marchi-Bottell


photo credits: Paolo Saglia

Matter as sensuality

Aldo Palma instinct is immediately reflected in his “daemon” without a traditional logic, which absorbs before placing it as a sensual matter in his paintings. Matter as sensuality, like a three dimensional tactile sensation, an universe that explode out of the frame. Virtuosity, sensitive, multifaceted. His matter is a primordial instinct, refined, not condescending, very strict, but in a dynamic emotions that reach from the outside. Coming Soon: Refettorio Ambrosiano. Milan Design Week 4-9 April 2017.

Is laundry still part of women’s world?

The art of Daniele Fortuna is the way to manifest the most intimate feelings without hesitation and hypocrisy.   His “colormination” work is a color contamination of the old tradition and the contemporary images of the world we are living in a new pop art way of expression, that you will love.  Laundry as the author itselves say it is a wife’s world they posses and dominate in a funny way for a lovely result. See calendar for next exhibition.


Shin-On. A cry from the heart, an expression in tune with the self

Yesterday i have met “Maestro” Shuhei Matsuyama in his art workshop in Milan. He is a fine and very kind person as a traditional japanese you imagine could be. But look at his work: is a fantastic piece of fallen universe.  Sound that becomes matter.Matsuyama’s work is inspired by the theories of Kandinsky as “color is an inner sound” but also reveals a deep connection with the expressive modalities of oriental culture. Starting from the philosophical intuition, Matsuyama paints the Shin-on, or the sound of things, the music that originates and express them. The Japanese’s artist’s premise is that everything is Shin-on, sound, and his painting becomes the visible materialization of this idea. The theme of the Shin-on in Matsuyama is of this nature. It establishes a subtle relationship between the visual and the acoustic in which one refers to and inevitably suggests the other. The surfaces of his pictures, uneven and rich in materials, can be seen as a score to be read inwardly. The echo of his paintings reminds us of our internal and individual resonance.

img_2604A short presentation of Maestro Shuhei Matsuyama. Shuhei Matsuyama was born in Tokyo in 1955. After completing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in his hometown, he moved to Italy where he attended the Academy of Fine art in Perugia. In 1991 he moved to Milan and began an intense exhibiting activity that took his work around the world, from Venice to Tokyo, from San Francisco to New York.
Most notable are the 5 major SHIN-ON exhibitions held in Venice over 10 years each in coincidence to the Venice Biennale. In France his works have been used for the cover of the annual program of the Conservatoire de Paris. He has also been involved in numerous public space projects. He has been responsible for the production of a 5m-column sculpture in Hakata, Japan, a mosaic fountain in Rieti, Italy, and for the artworks used for the president suit room in the Four Seasons Hotel, Saudi Arabia, in addition to other projects in prestigious offices, hospitals, hotels, apartments and restaurants.

A Man between two worlds, East and West, blending together the painting experience with spiritual creativity, producing works that combine two expressions: painting and sound to stimulate the senses.

In one of his interviews presented itself as follows:

Here (In Italy) I have learned many new things that have been beneficial to my spirit, as my friends say, but it is to Japan that I owe the experience and incentive that have allowed me to express myself with joy in life, which is if nothing else if not art. I believe joy is the most important thing in life and we can attain it only with temperance.
In this way it is possible to lead a simple life and therefore a creative one; somewhere between give and take there is a perfect equilibrium because if it weren’t so inequality would lead man to unhappiness.
The artist (or man) must be free and that is possible only by knowing many things. It is because of this that I want to see, to try, to touch all things so as to bring these experiences back to the great masterpiece that is in every artist. To be moved, to explore and then to express ourselves is nothing more than immerging one’s self in art but, since consciousness is not exhausted in the present, we need to approach it from a passive and immobile state: only by looking ahead can the spirit reach maturity.

Matsuyama is a supporter of the role of Public Art to help familiarity with art, the involvement and the “co-participation” of those who benefit and the removal of the boundaries between the artist and the audience. He sees art, and in particular Public Art, as a service to humanity, improving culture, sensitivity, serenity and, in a broader sense, life.