Lucio Casaroli

falloutLucio Casaroli (1949) until the 80s of the last century has limited its production to the design of furniture, jewelery and commercial logos. The meeting with Maestro Lattanzi urged him to join the small group of painters of the Italian Schematism. Casaroli gave an innovative contribution to this painting movement by integrating the artistic processes before with the computer and then with shooting, both of them understood as additional tools to complete the “toolbox ” of the artist.

After a long period during which he was involved in scientific advice, in 2010 he took over the artistic activity, which now devotes his time, ranging freely and without constraints of belonging from Schematism to geometric Abstraction to figuration of a reality ambiguously different from that belonging to experience. The goal of his lifelong experimentation is the conquest of a final shape, unpredictable and surprising, syntactic but asemanthic, that possess a dignity in itself inherent and autonomous. In recent years the artist began to work also on new materials, such as plexiglas and aluminum.

This new artistic phase is mainly inspired by fractals figures that are in tune to its education (and profession) of mathematician.