Food, art and design, in a place of charity


Many partners around the iniziative Refettorio Ambrosiano place of charity and design and beauty.
ArtDesignBox promotes along with Caritas Ambrosiana an event for the entire Design Week (4-8 April 2017). Refettorio  opens to visitors to admire its beauty and the works of artist Aldo Palma works with the impressive STX LAST SUPPER.
8th at night (from 19 p.m.)  a special event with the famous MIKY CHEF together with the famous oil IDRA from Farm Ambrosio, the castelmagno cheese by Agricola Des Martin, and Raki Gelato Lovers from Sorrento, the wine from Fattoria Fratelli Biletta from Piemonte Region, for a gourmet appetizer. Big sponsors of the event, IRINOX spa. NOT MISS IT! 

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