The Y point of view.

In 2017 Art Design Box will produce exhibition by Elmar Heinbach and Klemens Grund artist and architects from Akademie für Handwerksdesign. The Y Studio is a straordinary example of their production that bring to reality the concept of creating chances for ordinary peoples and or artists to enhance awareness of the external world in order to discover new standpoint in oneself. Getting inspired and being left alone are the basic condition for an artist to work. The Y Studio is design to offer this condition and made the transition from concept to reality with an unique enclosure on the lake water beyond the forest. Walking esat from the mansion we catch a glimpse in the distance of a silvery shiny structure with its exposed position in the middle of a lake. Coming closer we realize the obvious encounter of two contrast: the exterior, with a satin matte alluminium skin reflecting in the lake and the interior, warm, wooden, light that seem come from the dream of a futuristic naturist.

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