Hello sweetness

Hello, sweetheart! When contemporary art meets gastronomy taste of the chocolate. By Alessandro Turci and Sergio Battimiello. << Hello, sweetheart! is our relationship with the affection, the gratification of what is good, the comfort of a childhood memory. So too is its craving, bulimia, the bite. One consideration that ranges freely depending on the feel of each from contentment to discomfort. Nevertheless the association with other foods, spices, dyes enhances the form and concept. What nourishes determines, contributes to our balance, keep connected spirit and body. Making art with food makes us consider the importance of what we consider more closely how indispensable sustenance and as the inevitable natural decay of its members to follow the same fate to which man is destined for a general universe regeneration process. >> 
Art Design Box presents “Hello, sweetheart!” Encounter between contemporary art, gourmet chocolate. Chocolate sculptures dedicated to the tastiest food. Live performances of electronic music. Gongs and drums to create positive energy and stimulate endorphins in accordance with the properties of chocolate. Show Cooking with Chef Faber Scavolini made with chocolate. Opening December 13, 2015. The exhibition will be on view at Art Design Box until the end of the year and will continue in January 2016 up to date to be announced. By Alessandro Turci of Risekult and Sergio Battimiello Box of Art Design in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences, the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and the Hotel Institute Giolitti Bellisario of Mondovi.

Partners of ArtDesignBox for “Hello, sweetheart!”