Enrico Mitrovich

If you are afraid of the robins and the chickens make you uncomfortable do not get close to the work of Enrico Mitrovich. He is painting 10,000 goldfinches (you are rightl, 10,000). The artist born in Vicenza has a very particular sensitivity and his paintings has gone as well as in half world exhibitions and in private collections such as Luciano Benetton’s . He is represented in Italy by my personal friend Davide Cagliani, a passionate curator and gallerist owner of ABC Milano – Laboratorio Cagliani. Among his works ai am the happy owner of the wonderful “I am in love with you” (that you can admire below), please do not ask …  I will never sell it. Sincerely hope he has the same luck in China as well he had in Europe. Thx so much Davide and Enrico; see you soon. Sergio