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China is the most attractive market in the world, but also one of the most challenging in which business standards, risks, ethics and culture are very different. Our Company made of both Western and Chinese professionals, so we can listen with a global mind-set, and then answer with local market knowledge. We provide quick answers to explain in simple words “how it works here”.  A bridge between West and Far East Market,  easy to cross, for anyone who may need to start or expand their business in China.

WEGOO Shanghai Consulting Ltd. is a Consulting Company based in Shanghai and Honk Kong providing marketing and communication services, retail and contractor advisory.

Count on our marketing advice before, during and after your entry in China and other Asian markets

If not yet in China you should start with your Brand registration even before your market entry

Our communication  experts, can provide art direction to increase brand image and reputation and help you to access most important far east digital channels

Our team may help you to select and establish the right type of distribution – both h.r. and locations


WEGOO Shanghai Consulting Ltd: if you are looking for a reliable partner to help you enter the Chinese market

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