IRINOX spa at Refettorio Ambrosiano Milan Design Week 2017

April 4-9th 2017 With Irinox Spa and Artdesignbox this year Fuori Salone is also at Refettorio Ambrosiano. From 4 to 9th April, during Design Week, ArtdesignBox in partnership with Caritas Ambrosiana and IRINOX Spa choose the Refectory Ambrosiano as a place of the Fuori Salone, to celebrate with the works of the roman artist Aldo Palma (e.g. STX LAST SUPPER) the place of charity dedicated to industrial design and art and present the products of IRINOX spa, a specialist in the blast of the food temperature. The Refectory Ambrosiano is in this sense results for all the perfect place to celebrate a culture of sustainability, the love of beauty in design and art, and the products of home and professional lines of IRINOX spa, that donated the Easy Fresh EF 30.1 one of the most important professional blast chiller, very useful to the organitazion of Refettorio Ambrosiano. On the evening of Saturday, April 8th from 19 until late evening, it will be organized at the Refettorio Ambrosiano, open to the public of the Fuori Salone, the art exhibition event of the works of contemporary artist Aldo Palma, with aperitif tasting by the famous MikyChef in collaboration with Luca Fioravanti, artisan gelato master, where the artist Aldo Palma works can be admired and purchased by contributing to the support of the exhibition and the Refettorio Ambrosiano project. The work will be on public display for the duration of the event from Tuesday 4 to Friday 7 from 10 am until 18 pm, time at which meals to people assisted by Caritas Ambrosiana volunteers are served during the week, thus keeping the mission unchanged of local solidarity.